Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I register?

To become a member of wealthy home plus, contact the person who introduced you to the network so that he or she can provide you with registration details, then simply purchase epin for registration from the company, click on register then proceed

02. How much does it cost to join wealthy home plus?

You register with a one time payment of #1,500

03. How do I purchase epin for registration?

Make payment into the company's bank account, 1015701276 WHP CONSOLIDATED NIG LTD ZENITH BANK. Then send the following info

  • Name of depositor
  • Amount deposited
  • Date of deposit
  • Bank of deposit
04.How many accounts can I register?

You can register 1,2,3 or 7 accounts, however there is no limit to the number of accounts you can register as an individual, provided you can conveniently manage them

05.How many persons do i need to sponsor before I can earn?

You are expected to sponsor a minimum of 3 persons directly on feeders stage

06. What if I register more than 3 persons?

3 persons will be placed under you and the rest will spill to your downlines who have not sponsored anyone under them thereby helping your generation grow faster

07. When do I get my stage rewards and incentives?

Awards are given after completion of each stage

08. Is it possible for my downlines to break away from me?

No, there is no break-away as it is a follow me matrix which means your downlines follows you all through your lifetime in this network

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